1935 to 1937


        Fishing industry made a comeback based on frozen fish business.    (18)

  City Hall mural painted by Charles Allen Winter "High School Education"   (18)

                       Mural over the City Hall stage
 "Build Not For Today Alone But For Tomorrow As Well"

     Gloucester's new Post Office.

           Done as a WPA project, "Education" by Charles Allen Winter.

        Intersection of Main St. with Hancock St.

         Fishing vessel Babe Sears

        St. Peter's Fiesta

         "Beach Scene" by Aiden Lassell Ridley

        "Dog Town Common" by George

        "Bright Day in Gloucester Harbor" 
              by Emile Albert Gruppe

        "St. Peter's Fiesta" by Gifford-Beal

        "Education"WP Mural
 by Charles Allan Winter

        "Gloucester, Mass." by Sandor Bernath

        "Gloucester Street" by Louise M. Woodroofe

        "Gloucester Harbor"

        "Waterfront" by Stuart Davis

        "36 Red Flowers and Sailboat"
                   by Marsden-Hartley

        "Self Portrait" by Tibor Gergely

        "Rooftops, Gloucester" by Anthony Thieme

        "Three Scudding Sailboats
           by Charles-S. Hopkinson 

        "Lighthouse, Ten Pound Island"
                     by Stow-Wengenroth 

        "Harbor Cove" by Gordon Eastcott Payne


         Grandfather - John A. at the end of the dip-net with a deckload of mackerel.

        "Artists Against War And Fascism"
                        by Stuart-Davis

        "Schoonermen" by Warren Long


        Captains Courageous is a 1937 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer adventure film. Based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, it had its world premiere at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles.

         Gloucester Coal and Lumber

        "Shining Sea" by James Milton Sessions

        "Bridge to the Sea,Good Harbor
                 Beach" by Milton Avery

        "Man Sings Of Man"
       by Umberto Romano 

         "Helen" by Leon Kroll

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