Gloucester People and Characters

        My original oil paintings that are still available are listed in the "Gallery Store". Please contact me if you are interest in an original painting.

I can make reproductions of the any of the following paintings. I mount a quality print image on hardboard and apply two coats of an acrylic finish, resulting in a lasting enjoyable piece of art, at a moderate price.

4x4 to 4x6” reproduction $20.00 each or 3 for $50.00. Easily shipped, make Great Gifts.

8x8 to 8x10” reproduction; same procedure, but these are framed for $45.00

          Canvas #8     Brenda on the Rocks at Eastern Point

        Canvas #11    Capt. Tom Morse Aboard "Kelpie"

         Canvas #15    Capt. Howard Blackburn

             Canvas #22          Frankie Palmer and Wilson Wolf

          Canvas #30         Relaxing at the Wheel

           Canvas #32               Summer Fishing

             Canvaas #33       Mending Time

          Canvas #36        Ken and Huck

            Canvas #41     Larry D. Off of the "Chicken Coop"

          Canvas #45        Capt. Bill Sibley in his Winters Workshop

             Canvas #46            Floyd and the Man

          Canvas #48         Larry Tysver Mending Nets for Tom

            Canvas #61                    Settleing Up

           Canvas #96        A Walk Along the Shore

        Canvas #109      Fitz Henry Lane and the Paint Factory

         Canvas #110           Blackburn on Duncan Street

             Canvas #115       Roger Babson  "BeOn Time"

           Canvas #116           Peggy and Tom

            Canvas #127           Three Boys and Dory

           Canvas #129          The Rudder on Rocky Neck

            Canvas #134       A Changing of Seasons

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        Canvas #164      Cover for book